MLB 08: The Show team rankings

Posted March 3rd, 2008 at 1:21 pm


Here is the complete list of team ratings in MLB 08: The Show. These rankings are based off the new roster update. Because they use bars instead of numbers I won’t be able to go into player ratings. SCEA will be providing weekly roster updates once again this year only they promise to go into even more detail than ever before with ratings adjustments in the updates.

NL West
Padres: Batting-23rd, Pitching-4th, Defense-23rd, Overall-17th
Rockies: Batting-21st, Pitching-17th, Defense-3rd, Overall-14th
Dodgers: Batting-8th, Pitching-13th, Defense-3rd, Overall-9th
Diamondbacks: Batting-27th, Pitching-10th, Defense-11th, Overall-19th
Giants: Batting-26st, Pitching-18th, Defense-20th, Overall-20th

NL Central
Cardinals: Batting-12th, Pitching-22nd, Defense-17th, Overall-25th
Pirates: Batting-19th, Pitching-26th, Defense-26th, Overall-22nd
Brewers: Batting-4th, Pitching-11th, Defense-27th, Overall-13th
Astros: Batting-11th, Pitching-20th, Defense-12th, Overall-11th
Reds: Batting-16th, Pitching-16th, Defense-29th, Overall-18th
Cubs: Batting-14th, Pitching-3rd, Defense-25th, Overall-10th

NL East
Phillies: Batting-7th, Pitching-23rd, Defense-5th, Overall-7th
Mets: Batting-5th, Pitching-1st, Defense-10th, Overall-3rd
Nationals: Batting-10th, Pitching-28th, Defense-15th, Overall-23rd
Marlins: Batting-24th, Pitching-29th, Defense-30th, Overall-29th
Braves: Batting-3rd, Pitching-14th, Defense-7th, Overall-6th

AL West
Rangers: Batting-15th, Pitching-27th, Defense-19th, Overall 27th
Mariners: Batting-17th, Pitching-17th, Defense-1st, Overall-8th
A’s: Batting-25th, Pitching-25th, Defense-24th, Overall-26th
Angels: Batting-18th, Pitching-6th, Defense-4th, Overall-12th

AL Central
Twins: Batting-30th, Pitching-12th, Defense-8th, Overall-21st
Royals: Batting-28th, Pitching-24th, Defense-9th, Overall-28th
Tigers: Batting-1st, Pitching-9th, Defense-6th, Overall-1st
Indians: Batting-6th, Pitching-7th, Defense-21st, Overall-14th
White Sox: Batting-9th, Pitching-19th, Defense-13th, Overall-16th

AL East
Blue Jays: Batting-22nd, Pitching-5th, Defense-18th, Overall-5th
Red Sox: Batting-13th, Pitching-2nd, Defense-22nd, Overall-4th
Rays: Batting-20th, Pitching-21st, Defense-14th, Overall-24th
Yankees: Batting-2nd, Pitching-8th, Defense-16th, Overall-2nd
Orioles: Batting-29th, Pitching-30th, Defense-28th, Overall-30th