MLB 2K8 pitching practice video

Posted March 4th, 2008 at 1:26 pm


So MLB 2K8 has finally arrived and one of the most critical aspects of the game this year is the new right analog pitching mechanic. Given that there has been no demo and it can’t really be demonstrated through videos that has left a lot of people wondering how well it is going to work and how quickly they’ll get comfortable with it.

This video may do the best job of displaying that. At any point during a game you can pause and go to pitching practice. That is what I’ve done here. While this video doesn’t sound incredibly exciting, what’s interesting it is you can watch as I go from having never thrown a pitch this way to where I begin to pick it up and understand what I need to do. You get to watch as I work through it all.

I quickly realized that the movements have to be more precise than I expected and you need to hold the stick after completing the second movement until the ball is released. It really helps that it gives you feedback on the motion you made so you can compare and spot your mistakes. Once I figured those things out I was able to throw some successfully but I’m still at a point where I have to really concentrate to have any chance at avoiding a meatball. All of that occurred within the six minutes of this video. There is definitely a learning curve to it but so far I’m finding it enjoyable as I’m figuring it out and improving at it. Once I spend a little more time practicing I’ll give it a shot in a full game and post that up as well. Continue on to watch the video.