Take Two acquisition update and no APF 2K9?

Posted March 11th, 2008 at 2:29 pm


Recently a few new developments have surfaced regarding the potential takeover of Take Two by Electronic Arts. While it has almost seemed to be inevitable, a few more curious events have taken place that seem to be in line with that eventuality.

A severance plan has been created in the case of a sale that would protect employees from unjust firings. Now the two biggest shareholding firms have sold off significant portions of their stock and a shareholder lawsuit against Take Two was filed based on the hiding of the EA offer and the huge salary increase that was slipped for current management. Basically it seems as though the stockholders are likely to elect a new board that is open to the EA sale and that could happen later this month.

Also of note from today’s financial meeting, Take Two laid out the titles they would be releasing for the remainder of the fiscal year. Noticeably absent from the list is any mention of an All-Pro Football sequel while Top Spin 3, Prizefighter, NBA and NHL 2K9 were all listed. While that doesn’t exclude an All-Pro Football 2K9 from being announced at a later date, it is yet another indication that it seems unlikely to happen. (Update: Gamespot has confirmed APF has been taken “off the slate”)