New NFL Head Coach 09 screenshots

Posted March 12th, 2008 at 4:42 am


EA Sports has released 22 more screens from the upcoming NFL Head Coach 09. The majority of them focus on the Colts sideline, with a few negotiation and shots of team headquarters mixed in. I’ve added a couple below and the rest can be found in the screenshot gallery or by checking out the official Head Coach website.

For a game not slated to release until fall (possibly coinciding with the opening week of the NFL) there has been an awful lot of info and screenshots released. From what they’ve said though there is still a lot more to come. It’s pretty exciting to imagine the possibility of a new football title being released each month with NCAA (July), Madden (August), and Head Coach (September).

nflheadcoach0903124.jpg nflheadcoach09031213.jpg nflheadcoach0903127.jpg