MLB 2K8 patch for 360 out now

Posted April 7th, 2008 at 5:18 am

The MLB 2K8 patch that is intended to improve the framerate and fix the Padres lineup glitch in franchise mode has gone live for the 360. It is unknown when the Padres fix for the PS3 will be coming. Although the turnaround of getting the patch out a month after release is relatively quick, and actually suggests the patch was being worked on prior to release of the game, the situation was still terribly mishandled.

I was able to get some time in with the game post patch and once I play some more I’ll have a full write-up late this evening. My initial finding is that the framerate may have improved slightly however it still isn’t consistent and smooth once the ball is hit into play. It doesn’t seem to be quite as severe but is still evident and bothersome. Cut scenes still pause during the transition back to live gameplay. From the few minutes I tried online that seems to play a little more reasonably which is encouraging.

What are your experiences with the patch? Is the framerate significantly better now? Has online play improved? Leave your thoughts in the comments.