EA Sports also cancels NBA Live PC

Posted April 10th, 2008 at 2:39 am

After hearing that Madden for the PC had been shut down it can’t come as a huge surprise that NBA Live will join it on the bench. While this has caused the PC community more angst the sales and piracy concerns don’t seem to warrant new releases in their current forms.

The only PC titles that would probably seem safe are Tiger Woods and FIFA, while NHL would appear to be another possible cut in the near future.

I previously mentioned EA’s Battlefield:Heroes as one potential direction they could be headed. I don’t believe they’ll just abandon the PC completely but they will be more creative in what they do there. They could come back with licensed games that follow the B:H model of being free and relying on advertising and microtransactions. There is also EA Gameshow, another free interactive experience on the PC that is supported solely by short video ads in between sessions. So they’ve shown some signs that is a model they are open to.