Madden 09 debut video

Posted May 2nd, 2008 at 6:39 am

Gametrailers has posted the first truly representative footage from Madden 09. Unlike the usual first trailers for games this one focuses on displaying gameplay and some of the new elements that surround it. Just recently it was IGN that put out a short clip showing off Madden 09 which came from an especially early build of the game (didn’t include commentators and or even show off the play call screen or any presentation enhancements). About the only thing to get out of it was the snow visuals and new score/info bar. Obviously that was not the first look that EA had expected everyone would get to see of the game. So they’ve answered with a new video that, per producer Phil Frazier, spotlights:

– New Game Intro with Stadium Fly-In
– Major Graphical upgrades- from grass to players to lighting
– New Play Call with On-Demand Options including Stats and Instant Replay
– New Banners including Starting Line-Ups
– Smoother looking tackles and animations
– New QB movements
– Break-away camera
– User Controlled Celebrations

Overall the video looks fantastic with the atmosphere and presentation having received huge lifts. Everything noted above appear as though they’ll be very positive additions.

I would like to see the camera flashes toned down or removed during regular gameplay. I have never noticed flashes during the course of a game let alone constantly throughout (although I can understand having them at kickoff or on the final snap of a victory at home). They’re more distracting than anything during standard play. The user controlled celebration squares of light in the end zone detract from the realistic feel as well and they’d be better off without them. I’m not a big fan of the kickoff cinematic either considering in 08 it meant you could avoid kicking to a dangerous returner such as Devin Hester. If it would just cut off immediately after the kick, or if they had the option to have one returner handle it instead of two back deep, that wouldn’t be the case.

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