Madden 09 blog on play call screen changes

Posted May 6th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

A producer blog has been posted for Madden 09 which goes over the new play call screen in what it displays as well as the options within it. Included in that is replays and challenges, displayed stats, return of formation subs, and bluff mode when choosing plays.

It is always great to shoot for the stars when designing, but usually reality sets in at some point and the design ends up getting pared back due to technical limitations.  In this case however a combination of creative thinking and hard work got us to a point of over delivering on this feature.  I am very proud of our team for beating the tech issues that we were facing and helping give us a play call that screams Next Generation! Take a look- I think you’ll love this!

You can read the full blog and view several new screenshots of the play call screen here.