Madden 09 gameplay FAQ

Posted May 17th, 2008 at 4:23 pm

Another member of the Madden 09 team has started posting in the official forum for the game. Lead gameplay designer Ian Cummings has been discussing different topics which has since led to the compiling of a “gameplay FAQ” which includes many of the questions and responses. Currently any questions can be posed to him in this thread.

It is mentioned that the kickoff power has been toned down which was a huge issue last year so it is a relief to hear it has been adjusted. Kicking it with ease into the back of the end zone or out of the end zone completely took away return opportunities. That along with the poorly designed kickoff cut scene and no option for a single returner (which together will probably create a similar issue this year) negated the skills of a player like Devin Hester because you never had to kick it to him.

One minor thing that I’m disappointed by is there will be no option to turn off the squares of light that appear in the end zone after a touchdown for the celebrations. It reminds me of the “Hot Spots” in NBA Live 08, which was a great addition but visually having the court displayed in colored sections took away from the realistic feel and appearance. There are more subtle ways in which both could’ve been represented.