Some random topics and poll for today

Posted May 18th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

  • Community events are coming up for Madden 09/Head Coach 09/NCAA 09 (5/29-30) as well as NBA Live 09 (6/13). More on those as details are set.
  • Looks like the NHL games will be releasing on 9/9. That is the normal time for them being the second Tuesday in September. The NBA games may be released on 10/14. That would actually mean one to two weeks later than usual. Both leagues require that all the games ship on the agreed upon date.
  • The achievements for Nascar 09 can be found here.
  • Some media sites will soon be competing in an online dynasty with each other. That should make for good reading and evaluation on the feature as well as the online performance.
  • Got word that the custom stadium sounds for NCAA Football 09 will function in online games but your opponent won’t hear them. They’ll hear either the default sounds or their own.
  • It’s crazy how long I’ve been waiting and hoping for another Indiana Jones and it’s finally here. I’ll be going to either the midnight show on Wednesday or a day show on Thursday. I watched the trilogy marathon on Sci-Fi today to get ready. I can’t wait for Lego Indiana Jones also. Lego Star Wars is one of the very few games I’ve played to completion in the past several years so I know I’m going to really enjoy it.

For the poll I went back to a topic that I brought up a while back regarding NCAA 09’s online dynasty feature. I was curious on what the community preferred between having user created teams within the same conference or spread out across the nation. Personally when I run one I plan on users being at least somewhat spread out as that would cut down on the head-to-head games and make it easier to keep things on track. I do see the appeal in everyone competing in one conference though. So what way are you leaning?