MLB 2K series joins NHL 2K in studio move

Posted May 27th, 2008 at 7:35 pm

The writing was on the wall and 1UP has confirmed that the MLB 2K series will be developed out of the Visual Concepts studio after the closing of 2K LA/Kush. Recently it was announced that the NHL 2K series would be moving to Visual Concepts, though at the time the reasoning behind the move wasn’t clear.

While the departure of Ben Brinkman is a disappointment, a fresh start could be the best way to go for a series that has had major issues over the last few years. It isn’t known yet whether the game will be developed from the ground up as they have stated for NHL 2K9. In the poll posted a few days ago 89% of respondents felt that doing so would be a good step for the future of the franchise.