A few updates for today

Posted June 5th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

So things have died down a bit since coming out of the community event. I was worn down by the work and travel time and haven’t felt well since last Thursday, not to mention other draining activities I’m in the midst of. So I wanted to keep everyone updated with the latest. I’ve also added a poll below about the NBA Finals which begin tonight.

  • Did you know Pastapadre has a forum? Believe it or not it is true. The link “Forum” in the header will take you there! Or you can click here if you are really lazy. The forum will be re-skinned to match the coming…
  • Pastapadre will be launching a site redesign sometime in the near future.
  • The poll posted yesterday shows that Madden has shifted in front for the most anticipated upcoming football game, overtaking NCAA from the previous month. 62% have chosen Madden, 31% NCAA, and 7% Head Coach.
  • The NBA Live 09 community event has moved from June 13th to the 26th. Expect the first news on Live 09 to come prior to the 17th however.
  • Check back later today for news and analysis on the NBA 2K9 cover athlete announcement.