NBA Live 09 will have ground-breaking feature

Posted June 13th, 2008 at 12:13 am

As the speculation over NHL 09’s “massive” online feature that has “never been seen in a sports game before” continues, word comes that NBA Live 09 will apparently deliver something on the same scale. According to Peter Moore in his latest blog entry, the game will have the most ground-breaking feature of any EA Sports release this year.

I’m not surprised that NBA LIVE, which jumped 15 points in review scores a year ago, has the most ground-breaking feature from our lineup this year and we’ll unveil it next month at E3.

This year E3 takes place July 15th-17th, though EA’s press conference is scheduled for Monday July 14th at 3pm PT. This feature then will likely be revealed during the press conference.

With the inclusion of Be A Pro mode in NHL it seems to be a strong possibility that NBA Live will get its own Superstar type mode. However that then wouldn’t qualify as the “ground-breaking feature”. The most common response for what NHL’s might be is a MMO type mode with your Be A Pro player. We don’t know whether NBA Live’s is online related or not, but any guesses as to what this new feature could be or thoughts on what you would like it to be?