Random topics for today

Posted June 14th, 2008 at 10:23 am

  • A recent Madden 09 producer blog with Anthony White covered in great detail the authenticity to the team offensive playbooks this year. Included are several videos and screenshots displaying various formations. It appears that the Seahawks do have shotgun formations now, which the lack of back at the community event was one of the complaints I noted. You can check out the blog here.
  • GameTrailers has added a handful of Madden 09 gameplay videos over the last few days. You can find them here. Keep in mind that these are not from the latest build of the game as evidenced by the overabundance of camera flashes which we know to have been adjusted recently.
  • I’ve previously discussed the frustrations of how reviews are done (ignoring online play) and the way they are viewed by the gaming companies (Metacritic as the ultimate gauge). Yet that is how the industry works right now, so having someone who dislikes Nascar review Nascar 09 is disappointing as was the case with IGN. Ultimately someone who docked a score because they admittedly don’t enjoy how a particular sport translates to a video game is going to hurt the developers who worked on the game. If there are legit issues with a game that merits a low score that is one thing, but with comments such as not being able to recognize most the “characters” (I prefer calling them drivers since they’re real people) and mentioning a “photorealistic” and “digitized” Jeff Gordon (its actually the real Jeff Gordon) it is difficult to take any analysis seriously. I think you also see a little bit of this with the reviews for Prizefighter though the examples haven’t been quite as blatant as it has mainly been in the insistence to compare it to Fight Night.
  • Look for details on a Nascar 09 related contest using the Paint Booth feature to be posted tomorrow.
  • Last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. The wait is going to be tough given that the show won’t finish up until early 2009, but that episode easily could’ve been the series finale and I would’ve been completely satisfied.