NBA Live 09 info about to start flowing in

Posted June 16th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

The embargo from the media event held back in May is about to be lifted for NBA Live 09. The first substantial details will be revealed tomorrow with the possibility some will even be out late tonight.

Following those details will be a handful of the game’s producers as they begin posting and interacting with the community. You can participate in the discussions by visiting the game’s official forum and the list of producers who are going to be involved can be found here.

While the “ground-breaking feature” and likely a handful of other details are going to be held back to a later date there should be enough to get a good picture of where Live is headed for this year. Generally the cover athlete is the first thing to come out, so there would be a good chance that is announced tomorrow also. I’m sticking with my Deron Williams prediction with Lebron James and Chris Bosh as the next most likely.

The first thing I’m hopeful to hear about is a Superstar type mode, which seems to be a distinct possibility as NHL has joined FIFA with Be A Pro. The trio of games are all developed at EA Canada and have shown a tendency to link features within their titles. After experiencing Online Team Play in 08 ( and I’m hopeful for improvements to be mentioned for that also) I’m far more intrigued by the idea of playing in that manner than playing the traditional way.