Madden 09 Franchise Stats Blog

Posted June 17th, 2008 at 9:23 am

A new Madden 09 producer blog has been posted that goes over the work that has been done to get realistic stats in franchise mode. This blog covers only the stats element and doesn’t go into detail on any other improvements or additions that may have been made to franchise mode (which as of now the rivalry aspect is all that has been mentioned). You can read the full blog posting here.

I know that one the top issues with the hardcore Madden fans has been the stats that the simulation engine generates. I was tasked to tune the stats engine on this year’s product, let me tell you it was no easy task.  I looked back at stats from the past 10 NFL seasons to get an idea of what looked good in the NFL.  I then started work on tuning our stats engine; this involved linking the game to our tuning tool (done by a programmer). Once this was done, I simulated through multiple seasons and checked our numbers against what I had seen on the NFL’s website.