NBA Live 09 cover athlete announced on June 25th

Posted June 20th, 2008 at 2:31 pm

The website for NBA Live 09 went up today and includes the news that the cover athlete for the game will be revealed on June 25th. Also of note is that the game has an official release date of Tuesday October 7th.

Not much to read into as far as hints considering the ghosted cover art is the 08 Gilbert Arenas cover. Of the features announced to this point a guard seems to be favored if they are looking to tie the player into a theme. I’m sticking with my Deron Williams prediction.

As I’ve mentioned previously I have an opportunity to play the game on the 26th which incidentally is draft day. Early next week I’ll post for any feedback or suggestions to consider during my time with the game and the producers.

I’ve added a poll below to vote on who you think is most likely to be the cover athlete. I laid out my thoughts on this in my article a short while back which you can read here. So the poll includes the players I most likely feel it could be and the option for “Other” which you can specify the player in the comments.