Random Topics for today

Posted June 22nd, 2008 at 1:05 pm

  • The Nascar Paint Booth contest is being extended by another week as I’m currently unable to display the created skins. So continue to send in your pastapadre.com car designs to pastapadrecontest@gmail.com for a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card. Read up on the full details of the contest here.
  • IGN has posted up a video from NCAA Football 09 Campus Legend mode as a running back which you can check out here. Unfortunately they don’t go into detail on whatever improvements have been made to the mode. However from what I’ve played of Campus Legend and Superstar modes the better one will again be Campus Legend.
  • I’ve added a new video from the NCAA Football 09 demo in the forum thread. This one is a first half which has a couple exciting plays. The previous full game video with an exciting ending can also be found in that thread.
  • A couple previews have come out for the Wii versions of Tiger Woods 09 and NBA Live 09 from IGN. As with NCAA and Madden these two continue with the “All Play” options and style. Interestingly the WNBA is mentioned in the Live article. Considering the Wii’s graphics that is not going to be pretty.
  • A few songs are now confirmed to be on the Madden 09 soundtrack. Shinedown with “Devour”, Rev Theory with “Hell Yeah”, and The Offspring with “Hammerhead”.