Madden 09 has gone gold

Posted June 25th, 2008 at 11:38 am

In a surprising announcement today EA Sports has stated that Madden 09 has gone gold. That means the game is complete and can be sent out to be mass produced. Knowing this the game must have been submitted for certification weeks ago. In most cases “gone gold” announcements are made 7-14 days prior to the release date, so this news was not expected a month and a half in advance.

The ongoing producer discussions have made it seem as though adjustments were still being made, though at this point it would’ve been getting close to time to lock things in regardless. We do know that the icons disappearing when a QB drops back to far made it in and the Wildcat formation has been removed. Yet I get the feeling that the toning down of the camera flashes will not have happened to the satisfaction of the community.

With the game complete it appears they’ve shifted some attention to work on the demo which I had news on yesterday. It is quite possible that the demo will actually be based off the release version and not an early build.