Pastapadre Online Dynasty

Posted June 27th, 2008 at 1:26 pm

With the release of NCAA Football 09 quickly approaching it is now time to start preparing for the official Pastapadre Online Dynasty on the 360. Here are some of the details on what to expect.

The dynasty will begin the Monday after the game is released. I’ll be featuring the dynasty on the site with regular updates which will include screenshots and highlight clips from EA Sports World. Other participants will be welcome to submit the same in the forum and I will put the best videos up along with my “weekly POD recaps”.

The dynasty will have a limited amount of user vs user games with probably only 2-3 over the course of the season. Because of this teams will need to be spread out so that no conference has more than a few user controlled teams. It has to be this way due to time constraints and working towards a dynasty that can progress at a better pace (hopefully moving through a “week” in the dynasty every 4-5 days). Forum posting will be required for communication purposes and also for those who wish to post up details from their team’s perspective and their screens/videos. I have just added a thread for additional discussion about the dynasty.

As there are only 11 slots I can have filled I do apologize to anyone who would like to participate but aren’t selected. I will keep those people in mind as a replacement if anyone were to leave the dynasty. I hope even for those who can’t take part that enjoyment is found by following along with the developments of the dynasty.

To let me know of your interest leave a comment saying so along with a few teams you would be most interested in. Make sure that the email address used for your comment is correct as that is how I will send out the invites (there is no need to post your email address in the comments).

Update: The sheer number of people interested in the online dynasty have made it an incredibly difficult process choose who will be selected for the very limited number of slots. I actually feel really bad about having to make those decisions, but I can assure everyone that there will be opportunities down the line that can encompass a larger group of participants. The announcement on who is in will be made on Sunday, however continue to discuss the dynasty in the forum or here and leave your notice of interest in case positions open up in the future. You are also free to use the forum for organizing and running other dynasties.