First Look at FIFA 09

Posted June 30th, 2008 at 5:15 pm

Gamespot has posted up the first full preview of FIFA 09 and a video has found its way out that displays gameplay along with discussion about the game with producer David Rutter. It also appears that FIFA will join NHL and NBA Live in receiving feature announcements at E3.

Given the great contrast in team skill levels in UEFA, EA implemented an adaptive AI that used realistic team strategies based on the team’s opponent. For instance, a team with less talent may choose to play a defensive game against a more-skilled opponent by dropping 9 or 10 defenders back to defend their goal. The end result is that games with uneven opponents will still offer a challenging experience. This feature will undoubtedly impact FIFA 09 as well. Popular club teams such as Barcelona will find it more difficult to score against less-heralded opponents. In addition, it is EA’s hope that this will encourage gamers to try out other teams.

You can read the full preview here and continue on to view the video.