FIFA 09 to have exclusive game mode on PS3

Posted July 1st, 2008 at 4:24 pm

Amongst all the information about FIFA 09 to have come out since yesterday was an interesting quote from producer David Rutter in a Q&A with Gamespot AU. While the gameplay will be virtually identical, the PS3 version will have a game mode that the 360 will not.

There will not be any differences in the way the game plays on PS3 and Xbox 360. They will be identical-playing games. However, PS3 will have a game mode exclusive to that system which we’ll talk about later in the year.

Whether the game mode will be significant enough to sway a purchase decision remains to be seen, however it would seem unlikely they would mention it this early unless it had some value. This may end up representing the first tangible advantage a PS3 version has had over the 360 version this generation. Expect E3 to bring feature announcements for the game (now less than two weeks away) though whether this exclusive mode will be one of them is uncertain.