Madden 09 Achievement List

Posted July 1st, 2008 at 7:13 am

The full list of 360 achievements can now be found thanks to xbox360achievements here. As I’m sure the question will come up, no the game will not have support for the just announced PS3 trophies.

Just a couple quick observations. Only 25 this year as opposed to the closer to 50 from past versions. The list seems reasonable in that there aren’t any that I instantly know I’d never have a chance at getting. Some of them are pretty random though such as the 7 pass TDs with the Falcons or 300 rush yards in a game with using the Jets, though no difficulty level or max quarter length is specified. With the team specific achievements it looks like they’re trying to encourage mixing up team use a bit. I also found it interesting that there are no online specific achievements even tying into the much discussed new online leagues.