Ask Padre

Posted July 2nd, 2008 at 8:41 am

Last night I opened up a thread in the forum to take on questions from the community. Whether game related or not I’ll take the time and try to answer (at least to the extent that I can). So far it has been interesting, with topics ranging from the Madden related to preferred type of shampoo and favorite character on Lost.

Once given the go-ahead to discuss NBA Live 09 I’ll have a lengthy report on the game however there will still be quite a lot that I won’t have included within it. So for that I’ll also have a thread for taking on questions. I should be getting some type of an update today on when the clearance to discuss the game will be given.

Update: Disappointing news on the NBA Live front. We’ve been asked to hold back until after the E3 press conference on July 14th. Considering NCAA Football releases right then I’m a little baffled by that decision.

Feel free to head into the the forum and ask anything that is on your mind!