Brett Favre about to resurrect Madden Curse discussion

Posted July 2nd, 2008 at 4:49 pm

I’ve often gotten enjoyment out of how the media will grasp at anything in order to get an easy “Madden Curse” story. Expect that to happen again as reports are that Brett Favre is seriously considering a change of mind on retirement. Surely this will somehow be tied in with his appearance on the cover of Madden 09.

It would be naive to think EA didn’t foresee this as a possible development. Regardless of whether he is playing football or not he seems to have a knack of finding a way to stay in the public eye. In terms of Madden 09 promotion he would either be retired and free to make numerous appearances or he’ll make a much heralded return to the league and give the game even more exposure on a weekly basis and with what will surely be constant ESPN coverage.

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