NBA Live 09 Secret Feature Revealed

Posted July 14th, 2008 at 9:57 am

The San Jose Mercury News has leaked the first details on the secret feature for NBA Live 09 that will be officially announced at the EA press conference this afternoon. I will wait until after that announcement is made before posting more specifics on what it is all about along with my personal thoughts. As stated in my hands-on the feature was presented for literally two hours so it is much more in-depth than just a single paragraph can describe. Until then you can take in the following information.

EA plans to announce today that the latest version of its “NBA Live” game will include a constantly updated artificial intelligence.

Whenever users log on to the game, the title will connect to the Internet to download data from the latest NBA games, including such details as whether a player like Kobe Bryant is taking more shots from the left or the right side of the floor and his relative success from each spot. The game will use such information to affect how the virtual Kobe Bryant plays in “NBA Live” and how he is guarded.