Pastapadre Campus Legend 09 Begins

Posted July 14th, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Since the introduction of modes that center on controlling one individual player, NCAA Football’s Campus Legend has been more enjoyable than Madden’s Superstar. That looks to be the case again in 09 as Superstar mode has kept the annoying influence points/screens and the money/agents factor remains pointless.

This year the changes to the modes were minimal. The most significant ones are a fix to the cameras so that they don’t swing around when possession changes which was disorienting, and the ability to stay within an activity such as practices for the whole “week” instead of having to spend time loading into them on a “daily” basis. As I go through the Pastapadre Campus Legend reports we’ll see if anything else arises and what improvements have been made.

First some general things I’ve taken notice of. I’m a little frustrated playing as a CB. Last year I felt that the opposing QB never threw in my direction, almost like he was purposely avoiding me. It got to where I had to bait the QB in order to get any action. Unfortunately so far this seems to be the case again. I have a little hope in that these were just High School games that were played, but if it continues I may decide to switch to a different position.

The clock still doesn’t run at all in between plays. So it all liklihood there no-huddle either isn’t a factor or isn’t even possible in Campus Legend. This also negates much of the purpose of timeouts as well as extending the number of plays that are ran in the game. Lengthening the quarters probably would not be a good idea.

Again it could be chalked up to being High School games, but after last year I’m not ready to give it any benefit of the doubt. The QBs still throw a lot of INTs. So far it hasn’t been quite as bad as last year, but expect a handful every game. Unfortunately they were all thrown towards the other side of the field and I didn’t even get an opportunity at one.

Have already seen a couple face mask penalties. No other penalties yet.

At times I tend not to feel into the games. A big reason is you can’t pile onto a tackle. As a defensive player coming in late and diving right past a guy that takes some feeling of being involved out of the equation.

Padre High vs Spanaway

This game was close early but then turned into a rout with a 34-6 final. Padre finished with eight tackles, one for a six yard loss on the RB in a goal-to-go situation. Schools in attendance scouting were BYU, Pitt, USF, Tulsa, New Mexico St., and Colorado St.

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Padre High vs South Hill

The High School tournament ends early for Padre as South Hill comes out on top 13-10. This was a defensive battle with both TDs coming in the 4th quarter. Padre High had an opportunity for an onside kick with under a minute remaining but South Hill came up with it. Padre finishes with five tackles, one for loss. Schools scouting were Ohio State, Wisconsin, Central Michigan, Ball St., Duke, and Idaho.

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Check in for the next Campus Legend update tomorrow as Padre chooses the school he will attend and gets his first big game experience!