Update on NCAA Football 09 Issues

Posted July 25th, 2008 at 2:00 pm

The roster editing patch is currently in certification at Microsoft and Sony. There is no specific day the patch will be approved and pushed out but it should not be too long now, possibly by the end of next week.

The second patch, which is intended to improve different gameplay elements, is still in the evaluation period. Right now a reasonable expectation on when this patch will arrive is September. So far it will include fixes to sliders, improvements to kick/punt return coverage, and various tuning to areas such as zone coverages, man vs RBs, and strafe catching. There will be more included in the patch but as of now those are the things that are confirmed.

The issues with Online Dynasty have been identified and some fixes have been implemented that should prevent them from occuring in the future. This didn’t require a patch as it was server related. Anyone who has a dynasty that they are locked out of where it boots you back to the menu screen can leave your gamertags (commish preferred) in the comments and I’ll pass them along as they may be able to recover the dynasty.

No word yet on a fix for the uploading of online dynasty screenshots. It is apparently being looked into.