Random Topics for Today

Posted July 28th, 2008 at 5:53 am

  • Madden List has put together sortable player ratings for Madden 09. You can check out the ratings by team and display the players in order according to their rating in any category.
  • NFL Head Coach 09 has such depth that considering the Prima guide for the game wouldn’t be a crazy idea. There is a sample available of what will be found in the guide (PDF) by downloading from here. There are six pages of the actual guide included covering various topics such as injuries, future prospects, free agency, and playbook breakdowns.
  • Should be a busy end of the week as the demo for Facebreaker is set to arrive Thursday and the demo for Madden 09 will come on Friday. There is the possibility the PS3 version of the Madden demo may come as early as Thursday but it won’t be known beforehand if that is what ends up happening.
  • There is a community event for NCAA Basketball 09 coming in a few weeks. As always I’ll do a posting beforehand seeking any questions or suggestions to take into consideration. I didn’t find March Madness 08 to be much fun (outside of the post moves) and with 2K shutting down the College Hoops series the pressure is on EA to deliver a great game.
  • I’ve uploaded another 11 or so minutes of Madden 09 (early) demo footage. I’m really anticipating the release of the downloadable demo this week since it will be from a near final build. This older demo feels so far behind even the build that was played even in late May at the community event. Continue on to watch the two videos.