Demo Day Random Madden 09 Topics

Posted July 31st, 2008 at 2:14 pm

  • Fred at Sportsgamer has a copy of Madden 09 and is responding to questions and posting info on and videos from the game. Head here to find links to the specific thread topics.
  • The EA Sports World page for Madden is now up and videos are being posted from various people who have the game. In general they look to be slightly better quality than the NCAA videos.
  • A patch is scheduled to go live for Madden on or around release day and should provide some gameplay improvements. There will almost certainly be at least one more patch to the game as this one could almost be considered a bonus.
  • A recent press release stated that the game includes the Cowboys new stadium. However I have confirmed that it does not. The stadium should appear next season to coincide with its opening.
  • Phil Frazier has posted pictures of the Collector’s Edition packaging. You can check them out in the forum.
  • Feel free to continue leaving your impressions of the demo here or in the forum. I’ve added a video from the new demo as the featured video and will have more late this evening.