NBA 2K9 E3 Presentation Video

Posted August 5th, 2008 at 5:54 am

The first footage of NBA 2K9 gameplay has made its way out thanks to a site having recorded the presentation that was made at the E3 press conference a few weeks back. You can check out the three minute first quarter here.

I like the frenzy of the crowd in the 2K9 video though the non-reaction to the alley-oop at the end would need to be fixed (early build). The net animations are noticeably better than Live. Both games now have a somewhat intrusive crowd though which I’m not sure about. In Live it is how a few of the courtside fans at the bottom of the screen stand most of the time and the camera flashes, and here with 2K9 it is the foam fingers waving back and forth constantly from a couple fans at the bottom of the screen. Presentation wise 2K9 feels to be more like a TV broadcast but the commentary in Live is superior.

This amount of gameplay just about matches up with how much there has been seen of NBA Live 09. How do you think the two compare just from those videos?