Full Game of Madden 09: Seahawks @ Chiefs

Posted August 9th, 2008 at 10:32 pm

I received requests for a game to be played in the rain so that is what we have here as the Chiefs (CPU) host the Seahawks. I was encouraged by a lot that happened in this one which saw some success running the ball and the how the sloppy conditions affected the game. My Madden IQ was used again in place of a standard difficulty. You can also watch two EASW highlight clips in the forum where I posted a preview of this game Saturday afternoon.

The players get progressively dirtier and the extent to which they do varies by individual player. Look for the contrast that comes with a player that hadn’t seen much or any action on the field next to the others. On the topic of field degradation EA is aware that it isn’t functioning properly and that may be something that is addressed in the second patch.

This will be the last full game that I get up but I may have more videos over the next few days. Still to come are online play impressions and general thoughts on Madden 09 overall. Continue on to watch the game as broken into six segments.