Which Game is Most Anticipated for September?

Posted August 28th, 2008 at 11:14 am

Facebreaker (9/4): EA Sports Freestyle kicks off with the arcade style fighting game Facebreaker. The biggest appeal may come from the use of Photo Face and the uploading of videos to EA Sports World.

NFL Head Coach (9/4): Though it comes out in standalone form the first week of September, the game was essentially released alongside Madden in the collector’s edition. It is getting high praise from those who enjoy the management style that is offered due to the great amount of depth.

NHL 2K9 (9/9): 2K9 is bringing the first hockey game to the Wii as well as revamping their 360 and PS3 versions. The franchise moved to be developed out of the highly regarded Visual Concepts studio. Gameplay was a big focus however they have added a 6 on 6 online mode as well as made some big improvements to online leagues.

NHL 09 (9/10): Last year many regarded this as the best sports game released and it appears they’re just making it all that much better. The EA Sports Hockey League could revolutionize the way gamers approach a sports game, much in the way that Online Team Play established last year and Online Dynasty in NCAA Football 09 has done this year.

So there is a bit of a lull here with September for me but that is really picked up for by a few other games that I’ve been looking forward to. Viva Pinata was one of my favorite games of this generation and the sequel sounds like it’ll be even more fun, Lego Batman joins the lego franchise which I’ve really enjoyed and Spore will be an interesting experience on the PC.

So what sports game are you most looking forward to for the month and what other games are you going to pick up? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments.