Madden 09 Roster Update #2 Details

Posted September 5th, 2008 at 10:57 am

The second roster update for Madden 09 is scheduled to release tomorrow for both the 360 and PS3. There are some ratings adjustments involved but this update is predominantly transaction based. The name change to Chad Ocho Cinco will not occur in this update. Continue on to view the complete details of what is included.

DE Dan Bazuin – Released by Bears
LB Michael Okwo – Released by Bears
DE Ervin Baldwin – Added to Bears (Practice Squad)
LB Darrell McClover – Added to Bears
LB Nick Roach – Added to Bears
QB Caleb Hanie – Added to Free Agents
LB Rod Wilson – Released to Free Agents (IR)
S Kevin Payne – Added to Bears
CB Ricky Manning – Released to Free Agents
CB Corey Graham – Added to Bears
CB Deltha O’Neal – Released by Bengals/Signs with Patriots
DT Michael Myers – Released to Free Agents
HB Rudi Johnson – Released to Free Agents
QB Jeff Rowe – Released to Free Agents
RT Willie Anderson – Released to Free Agents
WR Mario Urrutia – Released to Free Agents
LB Corey Mays – Added to Bengals
DT Orien Harris – Added to Bengals
FS Corey Lynch – Added to Bengals
FB Daniel Coats – Added to Bengals
G Frank Davis – Added to Bengals
CB Simeon Castille – Added to Bengals
QB Jordan Palmer – Added to Bengals
DE Angelo Craig – Released by Bengals
WR Chris Henry – Signs with Bengals
LB Alvin Bowen – Released by Bills
DT Jason Jefferson – Released by Bills/Signs with Falcons
HB Dwayne Wright – Released by Bengals
LT Patrick Estes – Released by Bills
LT Demetrius Bell – Added to Bills
LT Matt Murphy – Added to Bills
DE Copeland Bryan – Added to Bills
LG Dylan Gandy – Released to Free Agents
TE Nate Jackson – Added to Broncos
FB Cecil Sapp – Released by Broncos
FS Josh Barrett – Released by Broncos
P Sam Paulescu – Released by Broncos
RG Montrae Holland – Traded to Cowboys
WR Samie Parker – Released by Broncos
FS Calvin Lowry – Released by Titans/Signs with Broncos
FB Spencer Larsen – Added to Broncos
LB Wesley Woodyard – Added to Broncos
P Brett Kern – Added to Broncos
RT Tyler Polumbus – Added to Broncos
CB AJ Davis – Released by Browns
CB Jereme Perry – Released by Browns
LG Lennie Friedman – Released by Browns
LB Shantee Orr – Released by Browns
WR Travis Wilson – Released by Browns
QB Ken Dorsey – Added to Browns
LB Alex Hall – Added to Browns
FB Charles Ali – Added to Browns
LB Kris Griffin – Added to Browns
CB Daven Holly – Released to Free Agents (IR)
CB Travis Daniels – Traded to Browns from Dolphins
FS Gary Baxter – Released by Browns
WR Kevin Kasper – Released to Free Agents (IR)
WR Syndric Steptoe – Added to Browns
FS Eugene Wilson – Released by Bucs
LB Ryan Nece – Released by Bucs
WR Micheal Spurlock – Released by Bucs
FS Will Allen – Added to Bucs
LB Matt McCoy – Added to Bucs
LB Geno Hayes – Added to Bucs
DT Dre Moore – Released by Bucs
RT Julius Wilson – Added to Bucs (Practice Squad)
CB Elbert Mack – Added to Bucs
TE Jerramy Stevens – Added to Bucs
LT Luke Petitgout – Released by Bucs
CB Sammy Davis – Released to Free Agents (IR)
TE John Gilmore – Added to Bucs
FS Matt Ware – Added to Cardinals
LB Matt Stewart – Released by Cardinals
LB Ali Highsmith – Added to Cardinals
DE Joe Tafoya – Released by Cardinals
DT Bryan Robinson – Added to Cardinals
WR Sean Morey – Added to Cardinals
LB Brandon Moore – Released by Cardinals
C Cory Withrow – Released to Free Agents (IR)
HB Marcus Thomas – Released by Chargers
C Jeremy Newberry – Added to Chargers
LB Tim Dobbins – Added to Chargers
WR Malcolm Floyd – Added to Chargers
RT Corey Clark – Added to Chargers
QB Charlie Whitehurst – Added to Chargers
DE Brian Johnston – Added to Chiefs
LB Johnny Baldwin – Released by Chiefs
CB Tyron Brackenridge – Released by Chiefs
DE Johnny Dingle – Released by Chiefs
T Will Svitek – Released by Chiefs
TE Michael Allan – Released by Chiefs
WR Bobby Sippio – Released by Chiefs
HB Jackie Battle – Added to Chiefs
LB Erik Walden – Added to Chiefs
LG Brian De La Puente – Added to Chiefs
FB Chris Manderino – Released by Chiefs
FB Mike Cox – Added to Chiefs
K Connor Barth – Added to Free Agents
K Jay Feely – Released by Dolphins/Released by Chiefs
CB Michael Coe – Released to Free Agents (IR)
CB T.J. Rushing – Released to Free Agents (IR)
DT Daniel Muhr – Added to Colts
LT Daniel Federkeil – Added to Colts
DE Jeff Charleston – Released by Colts
LB Ramon Guzman – Released by Colts
HB Kenton Keith – Released by Colts
FS Brannon Condren – Released by Colts
LB Victor Worsley – Released by Colts
LB Buster Davis – Added to Colts
WR Devin Aromashodu – Released by Colts
WR Courtney Roby – Added to Colts
LT Michael Toudouze – Released by Colts
FB Gijon Robinson – Added to Colts
CB Keiwan Ratliff – Added to Colts
CB Adam Jones – Added to Cowboys
K Dan Carpenter – Added to Dolphins
FB Reagan Mauia – Released by Dolphins
FB Boomer Grigsby – Added to Dolphins
S Courtney Bryan – Released by Dolphins
QB Josh McCown – Traded to Panthers
SS Keith Davis – Released by Dolphins
S Courtney Bryan – Added to Dolphins
C Matt Spanos – Added to Dolphins
QB Chad Pennington – Signs with Dolphins
C Steve McKinney – Released by Dolphins
TE Justin Peele – Released to Free Agents
WR Davone Bess – Added to Dolphins
WR David Kircus – Released by Dolphins
RT Nate Garner – Added to Dolphins
RG Andy Alleman – Added to Dolphins
WR Brandon London – Signs with Dolphins
DT Paul Soliai – Added to Dolphins
CB Joey Thomas – Added to Dolphins
DT Kimo von Oelhoffen – Released by Eagles
FB Jason Davis – Released by Eagles
LB Rocky Boiman – Released by Eagles
LB Pago Togafau – Released by Eagles
LB Joe Mays – Added to Eagles
LB Tank Daniels – Added to Eagles
TE Kris Wilson – Released by Eagles
DT Dan Klecko – Added to Eagles
RG Harvey Dahl – Added to Falcons
CB Wilrey Fontenot – Released by Falcons
DT Montavious Stanley – Released by Falcons
WR Joe Horn – Released by Falcons
DT Tim Anderson – Released by Falcons
RG Kynan Forney – Released by Falcons
LB Robert James – Released by Falcons
S Daren Stone – Released by Falcons
LB Tony Gilbert – Signs with Falcons
TE Justin Peelle – Signs with Falcons
LB Tony Taylor – Released by Falcons
WR Brian Finneran – Added to Falcons
SS Antoine Harris – Added to Falcons
G Ben Wilkerson – Added to Falcons
LB Coy Wire – Added to Falcons
LB Coy Wire – Added to Falcons
CB Blue Adams – Added to Falcons
QB Joey Harrington – Released by Falcons
QB DJ Shockley – Added to Falcons
DE Simon Fraser – Added to Falcons
HB Thomas Brown – Released to Free Agents (IR)
LB Brandon Moore – Released by 49ers/Signs with Cardinals
LB Takeo Spikes – Signs with 49ers
FB Moran Norris – Released by 49ers
LB Jay Moore – Released to Free Agents (IR)
LB Dontarrious Thomas – Released by 49ers
LB Larry Grant – Released by 49ers
WR Ashley Lelie – Released by 49ers/Signs with Raiders
LB Roderick Green – Added to 49ers
LB Ahmad Brooks – Signs with 49ers
FB Zak Keasey – Added to 49ers
RT Damane Duckett – Released to Free Agents (IR)
RT Joe Toledo – Added to 49ers
DT Joe Cohen – Released by 49ers
DT Atiyyah Ellison – Added to 49ers
RT Shane Olivea – Released by Giants
QB Andre Woodson – Released by Giants
WR David Tyree – Released to Free Agents (PUP)
DE Jerome McDougle – Signs with Giants
HB Reuben Droughns – Added to Giants
RT Adam Koets – Added to Giants
CB Trae Williams – Released by Jaguars
FS Jamaal Fudge – Released by Jaguars
DE Jeremy Mincey – Released by Jaguars
S Chad Nkang – Released by Jaguars
TE George Wrighster – Released by Jaguars
WR John Broussard – Released by Jaguars
FS Pierson Prioleau – Added to Jaguars
TE Richard Angulo – Added to Jaguars
DT Tony McDaniel – Added to Jaguars
CB Will James – Signs with Jaguars
CB Brian Witherspoon – Added to Jaguars
FB Jon Bradley – Released to Free Agents (IR)
CB Hank Poteat – Released by Jets
LB Brad Kassell – Released by Jets
LB Matt Chatham – Released by Jets
LB Marques Murrell – Added to Jets
WR David Clowney – Added to Jets
CB Ahmad Carroll – Added to Jets
QB Brett Ratliff – Added to Jets
CB Stanley Wilson – Released by Lions
FS LaMarcus Hicks – Released by Lions
HB Tatum Bell – Released by Lions
HB Brian Calhoun – Released by Lions
LT Jonathan Scott – Released by Lions
LB Anthony Cannon – Released by Lions
TE Sean McHugh – Released by Lions
WR Devale Ellis – Released by Lions
WR Kenneth Moore – Released by Lions
C Andy McCollum – Added to Lions
TE Casey Fitzsimmons – Added to Lions
TE John Owens – Added to Lions
CB Ramzee Robinson – Added to Lions
LB Ryan Nece – Signs with Lions
LB Gilbert Gardner – Added to Lions
HB Marcus Thomas – Signs with Lions
HB Rudi Johnson – Signs with Lions
RT Damion Cook – Added to Lions
HB DeShawn Wynn – Released by Packers
P Jon Ryan – Released by Packers
P Derrick Frost – Signs with Packers
LB Abdul Hodge – Released by Packers
FB John Kuhn – Added to Packers
TE Tory Humphrey – Added to Packers
DE Jason Hunter – Added to Packers
HB Kregg Lumpkin – Added to Packers
WR Jason Carter – Released to Free Agents (IR)
CB Ricardo Colclough – Released by Panthers
FS Terrence Holt – Released by Panthers
HB LaBrandon Toefield – Released by Panthers
G Evan Mathis – Released by Panthers
G Milford Brown – Released by Panthers
RG Mackenzy Bernadeau – Added to Panthers
FS Quinton Teal – Added to Panthers
HB Nick Goings – Added to Panthers
LB Adam Seward – Added to Panthers
LB Donte Curry – Added to Panthers
DE Hilee Taylor – Added to Panthers
DT Gary Gibson – Added to Panthers
TE Marcus Pollard – Released by Patriots
SS Antwain Spann – Added to Patriots (Practice Squad)
WR Raymond Ventrone – Added to Patriots
WR Matthew Slater – Added to Patriots
LB Victor Hobson – Released by Patriots
CB Jason Webster – Released by Patriots
CB Fernando Bryant – Released by Patriots
WR Chad Jackson – Released by Patriots
SS Tank Williams – Released to Free Agents (IR)
FS Greg Wesley – Released by Raiders
SS Jarrod Cooper – Released by Raiders
DE Greg Spires – Released by Raiders
CB John Bowie – Released by Raiders (IR)
LB Adam Archuleta – Signs with Raiders
WR Arman Shields – Released by Raiders
SS Adam Archuleta – Released by Raiders
WR Chaz Schilens – Added to Raiders
WR Ashley Lelie – Signs with Raiders
DE Trevor Scott – Added to Raiders
WR Drew Carter – Released to Free Agents (IR)
G Mark Setterstrom – Released to Free Agents (IR)
LT Julius Wilson – Signs with Rams
LB Gary Stills – Signs with Rams
FS Brannon Condren – Signs with Rams
CB Ricky Manning – Signs with Rams
FB Dan Kreider – Added to Rams
QB Brock Berlin – Added to Rams
LB Prescott Burgess – Released to Free Agents (IR)
TE Quinn Sypniewski – Released to Free Agents (IR)
FB Lorenzo Neal – Added to Ravens
LB Gary Stills – Released by Ravens
WR Justin Harper – Released by Ravens
DT Lamar Divens – Added to Ravens
TE Edgar Jones – Added to Ravens
FS Jim Leonhard – Added to Ravens
DE Marques Douglas – Traded to Bucs
HB Marcus Mason – Added to Free Agents
LB Alfred Fincher – Added to Redskins
S Vernon Fox – Released by Redskins
S Kareem Moore – Added to Redskins
P Derrick Frost – Released by Redskins/Signs with Packers
LB Rian Wallace – Released to Free Agents (IR)
K Taylor Mehlhaff – Released by Saints
RT Zach Strief – Added to Saints
WR Adrian Arrington – Released by Saints
DT Antwan Lake – Added to Saints
DT Marcus Tubbs – Released by Seahawks
DT Howard Green – Added to Seahawks
G Chris Gray – Retires from Seahawks
G Ben Claxton – Added to Seahawks
SS Jamar Adams – Released by Seahawks
HB Justin Forsett – Added to Seahawks
QB Charlie Batch – Released to Free Agents
QB Byron Leftwich – Signs with Steelers
LB Arnold Harrison – Released by Steelers
WR Willie Reid – Released by Steelers
P Paul Ernster – Released by Steelers
P Mitch Berger – Signs with Steelers
LT Tony Hills – Added to Steelers
LB Mike Humpal – Released by Steelers
LB Andre Frazier – Added to Steelers
RG Fred Weary – Released to Free Agents (IR)
HB Chris Brown – Released to Free Agents (IR)
FS Brandon Harrison – Added to Texans
DE Stanley McClover – Signs with Texans
DT Jeff Zgonina – Added to Texans
LB Rosevelt Colvin – Released by Texans
DT Tim Bulman – Added to Texans
HB Darius Walker – Released by Texans
HB Chris Taylor – Added to Texans
TE Dwayne Blakley – Added to Titans
DE Jacob Ford – Added to Texans
DT Anthony Maddox – Released by Texans
DE Dave Ball – Added to Titans
WR Roydell Williams – Released by Titans
LB Heath Farwell – Released to Free Agents (IR)
DE Jayme Mitchell – Released to Free Agents (IR)
DE Otis Grigsby – Added to Vikings
LB Erin Henderson – Added to Vikings
LB Derrick Pope – Released by Vikings
LB Rufus Alexander – Released by Vikings
RG Drew Radovich – Added to Vikings
FB Jeff Dugan – Added to Vikings
FB Naufahu Tafi – Added to Vikings
LB David Herron – Added to Vikings
SS Michael Boulware – Released by Vikings
WR Jaymar Johnson – Released by Vikings

Ratings Up
QB Kyle Orton – Bears – 76 to 77 – Has claimed the starting job and looked competent in the preseason.
SS Kevin Payne – Bears – 70 to 76 – Starting at safety after beating out Brandon McGowan.
WR Rashied Davis – Bears – 74 to 76 – Showed a spark in the preseason and looks to be in the offense to start the season.
LB Brandon Johnson – Bengals – 71 to 74 – Played very well before giving up the weak side LB gig to Keith Rivers.
LT Demetrius Bell – Bills – 54 to 62 – Lowest rated player in Madden to start the season. Made the Bills team despite only playing football for a couple years.
HB Michael Bennett – Bucs – 74 to 77 – The new Earnest Graham – meaning preseason superstar, at least this go around.
WR Steve Breaston – Cardinals – 71 to 74 – With Early Doucet out of action, Breaston captured the 3rd WR job.
QB Chad Henne – Dolphins – 77 to 79 – Outplayed about everybody in the rookie QB class.
TE Anthony Fasano – Dolphins – 82 to 84 – A strong sleeper candidate at TE for the Dolphins. Should catch 50-60 passes.
CB Brent Grimes – Falcons – 72 to 75 – Undersized corner who makes up his seeming lack of size with intense play.
QB J.T. O’Sullivan – 49ers – 77 to 78 – Martz’s guy to start the season at QB for the Niners.
QB Aaron Rodgers – Packers – 83 to 84 – Despite all the hubbub looked very sharp when given time.
QB Colt Brennan – Redskins – 74 to 78 – Looked sharp playing with and against 3 teamers in the preseason. Looks like a winner.
HB Maurice Morris – Seahawks – 80 to 83 – Looks to be the best and most explosive backs in Seattle.
CB Kevin Hobbs – Seahawks – 65 to 71 – Playing well and moving up the DC.
WR Courtney Taylor – Seahawks – 69 to 73 – Has a chance to play early with all the injuries at WR for the Seahawks.
LB Lawrence Timmons – Steelers – 78 to 80 – A budding star for the Steelers. Starting the season as a backup MLB.
LB LaMarr Woodley – Steelers – 79 to 82 – Would be shocking if this guy wasn’t north of 8-9 sacks this season.
HB Steve Slaton – Texans – 75 to 77 – A strong candidate to get the most touches in a crowded Texans backfield.
LB David Thornton – Titans – 89 to 92 – Tackling machine who was underrated.
HB Chris Johnson – Titans – 77 to 82 – Already looks like the fastest player in the NFL.
DT Jason Jones – Titans – 72 to 74 – Made a couple plays in the preseason. Playing defensive tackle after being drafted playing end in college.
WR Justin McCareins – Titans – 77 to 79 – Looks like a candidate to start on a Titans squad with mediocre wide outs.

Ratings Down
QB Rex Grossman – Bears – 79 to 74 – Continues to fire the ball around the field with little caution.
SS Brandon McGowan – Bears – 82 to 78 – Lost his starting job at the end of the preseason.
WR Earl Bennett – Bears – 79 to 76 – Looked shaky in his first NFL training camp.
LG Josh Beekman – Bears – 78 to 74 – Unable to win a starting spot on a subpar Bears offensive line.
WR Mark Bradley – Bears – 75 to 73 – Buried on the Bears WR depth chart his entire career.
DT Dusty Dvoracek – Bears – 79 to 77 – Has battled knee injuries his first couple seasons in the NFL.
DE Alphonso Boone – Chiefs – 84 to 81 – Lost his starting job and was an odd candidate for a 4-3 end after playing defensive tackle his entire career.
QB Alex Smith – 49ers – 79 to 77 – It’s all been said before, needs some fresh scenery at this point in his career.
QB Shaun Hill – 49ers – 79 to 77 – Looked like a candidate to start early on, unable to beat out JT O’Sullivan.
QB Brian Brohm – Packers – 79 to 75 – Demoted to 3rd string after being overwhelmed by the NFL.
HB Julius Jones – Seahawks – 84 to 82 – A free agent back brought in to start is splitting carries at best to start the season.
RT Max Starks – Steelers – 81 to 78 – Has been horrendous in preseason.
HB Ahman Green – Texans – 82 to 81 – An older back on his last legs.

Injuries (Out for Season)
RE Osi Umenyiora – Giants – Knee
RT Ryan O’Callaghan – Patriots – Shoulder
FB Oren O’Neal – Raiders – Knee
DE Dwan Edwards – Ravens – Back
CB Justin King – Rams – Toe

Contract Extensions

LB Jyles Tucker – Chargers – 5 years total
FS Steve Gregory – Chargers – 4 years total
HB Ricky Williams – Dolphins – 2 years total
HB Steven Jackson – Rams – 6 years total
LB James Farrior – Steelers – 5 years total