NBA Live 09 Demo Thoughts

Posted September 8th, 2008 at 9:11 am

While I’m going to save a more detailed comparison of the build that was played at the community event for the final version of the game, I wanted to get up some random things I noted from playing the NBA Live 09 demo. You can check out the videos that I recorded here and more impressions of the demo from Andrew over at NLSC. Other than wishing that the NBA Academy had been included in some fashion the demo does provide a good representation of what to expect from the game.

  • The passing seems to have improved at least slightly including the analog directional based passing. It still isn’t great as it frequently doesn’t recognize the player you are actually attempting to pass to. However it does seem to be a little more responsive the passes have a little more on them.
  • The player momentum is still a little heavy. I noted back then how I would attempt to pull up for a jumper but it would carry me into a leaner. That doesn’t seem quite as evident from my time with the demo but I did recognize it would pull my player in a little deeper than I would anticipate. So running and pulling up for a three pointer would often end up with me taking off while on the line.
  • I still really like the quick play calling though it seems like it will call the same play the majority of the time (as the Celtics it’s posting up Garnett). The normal play calling actually seemed like it was more natural to use now than before, I’m not sure if it was a button change to pull up the plays or what but it seems different to me.
  • With a smaller sample size it is difficult to judge the rebounding but I thought it seemed a little more true in the demo. Players were a little more aggressive in going up for the ball.
  • Even though we knew there was nothing going to be done about it, not having players able to dive for loose balls makes for awkward moments as it bounces out of bounds.
  • On All-Star it seems as though the hook move in the post is overly easy to execute and overly effective compared to the other moves. This was the case in the earlier build as well.
  • The CPU tended to make bad passes in the back court off of rebounds which gave me the ball back without really any effort required.
  • Saw an inordinate number of turnaround threes put up by the CPU, some of which were good. I also made one in that fashion. Just doesn’t look natural.
  • The responsiveness on defense is a concern. It seems like it takes a second after hitting the button for a player to go up for a block or a second after pushing up on the right stick to get their hands up.
  • Had some instances where an opposing player would drive into the lane and no help would come, they’d just watch him go by and dunk.
  • It is difficult to figure out the Pick and Roll Control timing wise. I think the NBA Academy will be really beneficial in many areas including this one.
  • With all the improvements to the gameplay the Online Team Play should be excellent.
  • I can’t wait for the Pastapadre OTP Club!