The Line Drive

Posted September 13th, 2008 at 11:11 pm

  • The official release date for NCAA Basketball 09 is Tuesday December 2nd. In addition to finding out there was no Be a Pro mode we now know there is no Online Team Play either. I’m really struggling to find any reason to look forward to this title. Except for the above cheerleader picture that is.
  • Make sure to get your week two selections for the NFL Pigskin Pickem in before the kickoff of the first game Sunday.
  • The second patch for Madden 09 may be out by the end of the week. There is always some level of uncertainty surrounding these things however.
  • While the Wii version of Tiger Woods 09 has received high praise, one area that people are having difficulty with is the putting. A blog on EASW has been posted that goes over some tips for putting.
  • The achievements for NBA 2K9 are now public. For the most part they are very similar to last year though a few new ones are noticeable such as the one for online Team-Up mode.
  • I’ve sent out a bunch of invites for the Pasta Padre NHL 09 Club. Feel free to leave your gamertag if you’d like to be involved. I will be out until the evening but will send out more invites then. In a game late Friday night it was myself, Nix, and Pigskin11 and we got the scoring monkey off our back. Actually each one of us scored a goal though we ended up losing in OT.