EA and Take Two Break Off Talks

Posted September 14th, 2008 at 6:27 pm

It was announced earlier today that EA is no longer in negotiations to purchase Take Two. This will certainly ease the minds of those into sports games for the time being, however the stock which is currently sitting about $4 less per share than the offer EA had on the table will take another hit tomorrow.

Take Two continues to state that there are others interested in buying them up. Whether that happens or something doesn’t eventually materialize there is the potential for more cutbacks for 2K Sports. While the NBA and MLB series are in no danger I do look at NHL as being a possible casualty. Three weeks before the College Hoops franchise was canceled I wrote about how there didn’t seem to be enough overall sales to support multiple titles. That same situation may present itself with NHL down the line. Regardless at least for now everyone can take solice in having some resolution to the seven month long EA-Take Two story.