Madden 09 Roster Update #4 Details

Posted September 19th, 2008 at 11:00 am

The fourth roster update for Madden 09 is currently set to be out later today. EA is attempting to release an update every week now and that consistency is welcome. This update includes Shawne Merriman going to the IR, all the receiver changes for the Seahawks (except for Nate Burleson to the IR?), the Broncos receive the benefit of several ratings increases, and Adrian Peterson moves up to a 98. Continue on for the full list of changes.

RT Kirk Barton – Released by Bears/Signs with Dolphins
RT Fred Miller – Signs with Bears
CB Geoffrey Pope – Added to Bengals
WR Cliff Russell – Added to Broncos
DE Santonio Thomas – Signs with Browns
CB Gerard Lawson – Added to Browns
DE Mel Purcell – Released to Free Agents
TE Ben Troupe – Released by Bucs
FB Byron Storer – Added to Bucs
FB Tim Castille – Added to Cardinals
LB Antwan Applewhite – Added to Free Agents
HB Jackie Battle – Released by Chiefs
WR Marques Hagans – Signs with Chiefs
QB Ingle Martin – Signs with Chiefs
HB Dantrell Savage – Added to Chiefs
CB Maurice Leggett – Added to Chiefs
DT Ed Johnson – Released by Colts
WR Courtney Roby – Released by Colts
DT LaJuan Ramsey – Signs with Colts
DT Eric Foster – Added to Colts
TE Sean Ryan – Released by Dolphins
G Evan Mathis – Signs with Dolphins
TE Martrez Milner – Released by Falcons
FS Antoine Harris – Added to Falcons
QB Jamie Martin – Signs with 49ers
TE Darcy Johnson – Added to Giants
K John Carney – Released to Free Agents
RG Todd Wade – Signs with Jaguars
LT Charles Spencer – Signs with Jaguars
RG Chris Naeole – Signs with Jaguars
T Stefan Rodgers – Signs with Jets (Practice Squad)
P Reggie Hodges – Signs with Jets
P Ben Graham – Released by Jets
P Reggie Hodges – Added to Jets
WR Brandon Middleton – Added to Lions
DT Landon Cohen – Added to Lions
WR Kenneth Moore – Released to Free Agents
LB Gary Guyton – Added to Patriots
QB Matt Gutierrez – Added to Patriots
T Mark LeVoir – Added to Patriots
DT Titus Adams – Added to Patriots (Practice Squad)
RT Seth Wand – Signs with Raiders
CB Evan Oglesby – Added to Ravens
QB Todd Bouman – Signs with Ravens
C Andrew Crummey – Added to Redskins (Practice Squad)
DE Rob Jackson – Added to Redskins
DT Hollis Thomas – Released by Saints
DT DeMario Pressley – Released to Free Agents (IR)
DT Alvin McKinley – Signs with Saints
LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar – Added to Saints
CB Jason Craft – Released by Saints
P Ryan Plackemeier – Released by Seahawks
LB David Hawthorne – Added to Seahawks
WR Jordan Kent – Released by Seahawks
WR Billy McMullen – Signs with Seahawks
WR Koren Robinson – Signs with Seahawks
WR Michael Bumpus – Added to Seahawks
WR Keary Colbert – Traded to Seahawks
P Jon Ryan – Signs with Seahawks
WR Logan Payne – Released to Free Agents (IR)
DE Orpheus Roye – Added to Steelers
DE Stanley McClover – Released to Free Agents (IR)
HB Darius Walker – Added to Texans
S Eugene Wilson – Added to Texans
TE Joel Dreessen – Added to Texans
TE Dwayne Blakley – Released by Titans
QB Chris Simms – Signs with Titans
FS Husain Abdullah – Added to Vikings
LB Al Wilson – Retires

Ratings Up
QB Kyle Orton – Bears – 77 to 78 – Has been competent in beating the Colts and losing a close one to the Panthers.
WR Brandon Lloyd – Bears – 73 to 75 – Showed off his spectacular catch ability in Week 2 vs. the Panthers.
QB Trent Edwards – Bills – 79 to 82 – As long as he can stay healthy the Bills have a good shot at the playoffs.
DT Kyle Williams – Bills – 84 to 86 – A disruptive force in the middle for the Bills who frequents opposing teams backfields.
QB Jay Cutler – Broncos – 86 to 89 – Is healthy now and it shows on the field. Has dissected the two teams the Broncos have played thus far.
WR Brandon Marshall – Broncos – 93 to 94 – Ate up Cromartie and Jammer underneath in Week 2.
WR Eddie Royal – Broncos – 80 to 82 – Is the real deal out of Va Tech. Slowed down after week 1 but was impressive.
QB Kurt Warner – Cardinals – 85 to 87 – At this rate Leinart might not get his job back until after next year. The Cardinals are an impressive 2-0.
WR Anquan Boldin – Cardinals – 95 to 96 – Is unhappy with his contract and wants to be traded, not affecting his play in the least.
HB Tim Hightower – Cardinals – 76 to 79 – Looks much faster and more explosive than Edgerrin James at this point and looks to steal 8-14 touches a game from him.
HB Darren Sproles – Chargers – 79 to 82 – LT must be unhealthy because the Chargers look much better with Sproles in there. Had a career day in a week 2 loss to Denver.
DE Kendall Langford – Dolphins – 74 to 77 – Has recorded 2 sacks as a rookie DE for the Dolphins.
QB Donovan McNabb – Eagles – 92 to 93 – Is in shape and looks better than ever. The deep threat to DeSean Jackson and two starting receivers on the way back can only mean good things for the Eagles.
WR DeSean Jackson – Eagles – 80 to 81 – A true burner in the slot for the Eagles. Now 98 speed in game and every bit of it.
SS Quintin Mikell – Eagles – 83 to 85 – Fills hard in the box vs. the run and an upgrade over last year’s starter Sean Considine.
QB J.T. O’Sullivan – 49ers – 78 to 79 – Beat out heavily favored QB’s Alex Smith and Shaun Hill in camp for the starting job and doesn’t look to give it up anytime soon.
HB Brandon Jacobs – Giants – 88 to 89 – Scary big at the RB position. The last person opposing tacklers want to see in the 4th quarter.
HB Derrick Ward – Giants – 81 to 82 – Not a big drop off at all when he spells Jacobs. Ward and Bradshaw with Jacobs easily forms the deepest backfield in the NFL.
DT Fred Robbins – Giants – 87 to 92 – A true disruptor in the backfield. Gets a good push in the pocket getting sacks and tackle for losses.
CB Corey Webster – Giants – 82 to 85 – A starter in New York. Couples with Ross and Madison to form a very formidable pass defense.
WR Chansi Stuckey – Jets – 69 to 75 – Has the taken the #3 WR role for the Jets. Coach Mangini compares him to Deion Branch.
LB Bryan Thomas – Jets – 79 to 82 – Looks extremely explosive rushing the passer, has crushed the opposing QB several times this year already.
HB Thomas Jones – Jets – 88 to 89 – Must like the addition of LG Alan Faneca because he looked very impressive in Week 2.
DE Jared DeVries – Lions – 82 to 84 – Was in the backfield all day hurrying the QB in week 2 vs. the Packers.
DE Dewayne White – Lions – 86 to 87 – Had a sack and forced fumble vs. Chad Clifton in Week 2.
QB Aaron Rodgers – Packers – 85 to 86 – Probably the most inaccurately rated player in Madden 09. Super elusive on his feet with a very strong arm.
SS Chris Harris – Panthers – 85 to 88 – A punishing safety who forced 8 fumbles last year with his big hits.
C Ryan Kalil – Panthers – 82 to 84 – A second round pick last year who is a technician at the Center position.
HB Jonathan Stewart – Panthers – 83 to 85 – Star in the making. Very quick and very strong out of Oregon.
WR Muhsin Muhammad – Panthers – 84 to 85 – Had a TD called back by penalty or else his week 2 performance could have been even better.
CB Ellis Hobbs – Patriots – 87 to 90 – Played second fiddle to Samuel, but now is making a name for himself playing lock down man coverage for the Patriots.
RT Cornell Green – Raiders – 83 to 86 – Darren McFadden runs fast, he got to show it off several times due to mammoth holes started by the right side of the Raiders line.
CB Nnamdi Asomugha – Raiders – 96 to 98 – By my count deflected the only 2 passes thrown at him in Week 2, while DeAngelo was getting diced up. can be called the best cover corner in the NFL.
DT Justin Bannan – Ravens – 78 to 81 – Ravens didn’t miss a beat vs. the Bengals in Week 1 without Kelly Gregg. Bannan stepped up and stopped the run.
LB Jonathan Vilma – Saints – 91 to 92 – A much needed addition for the Saints, appears to be getting over his knee problems.
G Chris Kemoeatu – Steelers – 76 to 81 – A mauling guard for the Steelers. Replaces Alan Faneca.
DT Jason Jones – Titans – 74 to 79 – Heavily in the rotation for the Titans defensive line.
CB Cortland Finnegan – Titans – 88 to 92 – Ocho Cinco was the latest player to sing this guys praises. One of the strongest tacklers around and becoming lockdown due to his ability to make plays.
LB Chad Greenway – Vikings – 87 to 88 – Coming on very strong in Minnesota. Starting to always be around the ball.
HB Adrian Peterson – Vikings – 95 to 98 – It’s hard to imagine this guy running for under 100 yards this year. Clearly the most dynamic football player in the game today.

Ratings Down
QB Carson Palmer – Bengals – 96 to 94 – Tough defenses and windy conditions haven’t helped his numbers thus far, but he has been bad.
WR Darrell Jackson – Broncos – 86 to 83 – Now relegated to a #4 WR role and could be inactive on some game days.
HB Edgerrin James – Cardinals – 92 to 91 – Looks incredibly slow now, this could be his last year as a starting back.
TE Antonio Gates – Chargers – 99 to 98 – Has been unhealthy and unable to make the difference he once did.
FS Jarrad Page – Chiefs – 85 to 83 – A bad tackler as the last line of defense for the Chiefs.
HB Larry Johnson – Chiefs – 94 to 92 – Not much to work with, but has displayed poor vision and even took a run out of bounds in week 1.
WR Ernest Wilford – Dolphins – 80 to 76 – Has been plagued by drops and unable to get separation… vs. Dolphin corners. On the short list for biggest free agent bust of last offseason.
QB JaMarcus Russell – Raiders – 83 to 79 – Looks slow and his accuracy leaves much to be desired. The only thing keeping this guy starting in the NFL is his draft spot.
QB Tarvaris Jackson – Vikings – 79 to 77 – Just lost his starting job to Gus Frerotte. Doesn’t have the confidence or accuracy to start for a contending playoff team right now.

S Brandon McGowan – Bears – IR
DE Robaire Smith – Browns – IR
LB Shawne Merriman – Chargers – IR
G Donald Thomas – Dolphins – IR
QB Alex Smith – 49ers – IR
G Maurice Williams – Jaguars – IR
T/G Paul McQuistan – Raiders – IR
LB Mark Simoneau – Saints – IR
G Rob Sims – Seahawks – IR
WR Ben Obomanu – Seahawks – IR

DE Greg White – Bucs – 3 years
TE Chris Baker – Jets – 5 years