NBA 09: The Inside Demo Available

Posted September 25th, 2008 at 7:14 pm

The demo for NBA 09: The Inside is now available on PSN. It has four quarters but each is only one minute long (ugh) with the Celtics vs Lakers on veteran difficulty. An interesting aspect of the demo is you can go through create-a-player (some of which is locked however) and then place him on one of the teams to play with. Keep in mind the player will be practically useless though due to low ratings until leveling him up. Apparently I missed the way to try out The Life mode, which is what really differentiates this game from the other two NBA titles. I’ll have a look at that side of the demo tomorrow.

So far from playing through it’s a little better than I had expected. Some things about it feel pretty good about it but at the same time I’ve come across a few odd things also. I’ll save further thoughts for a write-up down the road. But with the story mode I’m starting to think this is a game that may be worth giving a shot.

Continue on to view a video of the demo and leave any thoughts in the comments.