NBA Live 09 Coverage Approaching

Posted September 26th, 2008 at 6:38 pm

NBA Live 09 should be in hand either tomorrow or Monday, I will update this posting once I know for sure one way or the other. Regardless I figured I could begin laying out some of what I had planned as well as taking requests on what you all would like to see. Some have already been lined up in the forums since yesterday. Unfortunately I will not be able to answer any questions relating to player ratings as another media outlet has an exclusive on this coming up.

There are a few things I am looking forward to concentrating on early on. Obviously some of that will entail the recording of a few full games as well as putting up screenshots and highlight clips. However I am really looking forward to spotlighting many of the NBA Academy drills as well. From there I’ll go by feel and if possible try and get some time in with the online play. Eventually I’ll also be doing a write-up going through my thoughts on the game from back at the community event and how much impact it may have had on the final product.

Post any requests in the comments for specific players you would like to see in screenshots or highlight videos as well as teams for full game videos. Understand that it won’t be possible for me to meet all the requests but I will try to get to a good portion of them. The screenshots and highlight clips will come from via the use of EA Sports World.

Update: Not looking very promising right now for it arriving today. In that case it’ll be Monday night before any coverage can begin.