NBA Live 09 Be A Pro

Posted September 29th, 2008 at 2:50 pm

I’ve believed for a long time that a Superstar type mode was best suited for a basketball game. This year we have that in NBA Live 09 with the introduction of Be A Pro. The mode, which has been a huge success in games such as NHL and FIFA, is not nearly as fleshed out here. Actually it would be difficult to describe it as a mode. It is just a one game experience taking over an existing player. Really it is probably best used as practice for Online Team Play.

A few notes to pass along on Be A Pro that caught my attention. Regardless of whether or not your player is the inbounder you have to pass the ball in which seems odd. You can call for the pass with A and because of that it almost feels like the offense will always run through your player. After a rebound making an outlet pass is a dangerous proposition as it seems if you pass to anyone other than the PG that player will pass it quickly to the PG which can result in a backcourt violation. Continue on for a full quarter video of Be A Pro as I control Dwight Howard.