NBA Live 09: Bulls @ Heat

Posted September 29th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

This is the first full game I played of NBA Live 09. As such you’ll notice how much I struggle especially on the offensive end. It isn’t until the third quarter of the second game I played that I started to get into a flow offensively. You’ll witness that in the next set of videos which will be Warriors @ Clippers and then especially in the one after that which is Thunder @ Hornets where it all started to come together for me.

I suspect that most people will find there is a curve to learning how to play this year. You can’t just run around to get open shots but you have to run plays or use features such as the Pick and Roll Control…and those take some time to get a feel for. Once you get comfortable with it though it is pretty satisfying. It feels like you really have to earn it every single possession.

With XBL down today I spent time concentrating on putting together videos to go up today and tomorrow. Once XBL returns I’ll be able to upload some screenshots and highlight clips many of which were taken from previous requests. I’m really enjoying the replay editing function for highlights. As far as impressions go I will be saving most of them for an article in the next few days.

The game is played on All-Star difficulty with everything else set at default including using the broadcast camera. Continue on to watch the game as broken down into four segments.