NBA Academy: Part Three

Posted October 1st, 2008 at 5:50 pm

Next up in the NBA Academy are the quickstrike and lockdown drills. I didn’t find these to be as enjoyable as the others. One thing is that the game really isn’t explaining what to do for quickstrike other than knowing the basics of using the right analog. With the lockdown defensive drill it contributes to learning how you can learn to keep a body on your man and direct him where he doesn’t want to go. The problem is that the drill begins so suddenly that if you aren’t paying complete attention and already pushing back on the stick at the start of it you get blown right past (you’ll see that several times in the video).

On Friday look for videos of all of the full team practices. While these individual skill drills are valuable many people will find the team practices to be a great way to work on their game, especially so within dynasty mode.