NBA Live 09: Sophomores vs Rookies

Posted October 2nd, 2008 at 6:02 pm

Here is the full game of Rookies vs Sophomores in NBA Live 09 as broken down by quarter and overtime. When I played this the Oklahoma City Thunder colors, logo, uniforms, and court were generic with the plan to have them included in free downloadable content by release day. Those items are actually already available now. There has also been a roster and accessory update and the DNA download has been made available (again if you buy the game it includes the code for free). I’ll go over the additions in more detail tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll have the final look at the NBA Academy as well as several different quarters with various teams and one with a different camera angle. Going into the weekend I’ll be getting up my general impressions of the game. I’ve also got the Pasta Padre OTP Club up and running. Like with NHL though invites can only be sent to gamertags that have played the game. So come release day I’ll put up a post for everyone who’d like to join the club.