Basketball Games Having Rough First Day

Posted October 7th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

It isn’t release day of a sports title lately without major issues becoming the topic of discussion. The NBA games have continued the trend as they struggle to get advertised features operating properly.

With NBA Live 09 the online servers appear to be down causing the much touted NBA Live 365 feature to be inoperable and making online games unable to be played. At the same time people who have already entered in their code for 365 are being prompted to do so again giving a message that the code is already in use. No one should have to spend time on the phone with customer support dealing with a game issue such as an inoperable code so hopefully this is fixed shortly. Once the server recovers everyone who has entered the code previously should be okay as it is linked to your gamertag/PSN name. All I have heard is that they are aware of the problems and working on what was described as being an EA wide server outage.

Update (9PT): It now looks like the Live problems have been resolved. My 365 downloaded without issue just now and there was no prompting for the code.

NBA 2K9 is having problems of its own with online play. Disconnects, lag, and instances of the games freezing are persistent.  Also there seems to be a great deal of outrage over the removal of the 2K Camera view as well as the decision to not offer lobby rooms (the same setup as NHL 2K9 had). The 2K Community website which hosts the uploaded screenshots and videos has also crashed and is unavailable.

Update (7PT): The 2K community site has returned.