Pasta Padre Live 09 OTP Club

Posted October 7th, 2008 at 12:03 am

*Update: While we were able to get in our club lobby the game couldn’t find an opponent to connect to. This is likely due to the server issues being experienced right now. We’ll try again tomorrow at the same time.

With NBA Live 09 now available we can begin to fill up the Pasta Padre Online Team Play Club (Xbox 360). After how successful OTP was last year it has gotten even better in 09 with the addition of clubs and ranked games, tracking of individual stats, and being graded on individual performance by position.

If you are interested in being a part of the club leave your gamertag in the comments and I will send out invites. In order for me to send an invite you must have played Live 09 otherwise the invite attempt will fail. So please only post your gamertag once you have played. Invites are accepted through the Player HUB.

*For those of you on the PS3 a PP club is being set up in partnership with NCAA Strategies. Leave your PSN name in the comments to be invited*

I was forced to pick a team for the club though it appears I can change this at any time. We’ll find out if we are locked into that team (currently Portland) or if we can select the team at the start of each club game. Otherwise I’ll have to change the team on a regular basis since it would be boring to play with the same one all the time.

Tonight will be the first get together but club games can be played at any time. As long as at least three club members are involved the games will count into the rankings. Meet in the club lobby beginning at 5PT/8ET. I’m looking forward to playing at least a handful of games and I will be recording at least one of them to post up on the site later in the evening or Wednesday morning.