NBA 2K9 Screens and Highlights

Posted October 8th, 2008 at 11:44 am

Previously I went through both community websites being presented by 2K and EA. Both offer features that can extend the enjoyment of their respective titles. Having Live over the last week I was able to get up a handful of highlight clips and a bunch of screenshots. The screens were great quality and the highlights had some excellent improvements and turned out really well.

Now comes an opportunity to look at the 2K community site. I’ve included a couple screens I’ve taken, a Deron Williams highlight I put together, and few of the most popular clips uploaded thus far. I’ll be working on doing some more but wanted to get an initial look at them up now.

Clearly the screenshot quality is not as good as Live’s and it is much more of a painstaking process to grab them. They come out somewhat dark and hazy and the red lock circle remains in them. The highlights however have more options for editing though it takes some time to get comfortable with the Reelmaker. Once you are there is a lot of potential to create some great highlights. The biggest thing that detracts from them is the lack of any sound.