The Line Drive

Posted October 12th, 2008 at 6:32 pm

  • Nintendo has announced a new Punch-Out coming to the Wii. You can check out screens and the trailer here. This is what Facebreaker should’ve been but didn’t come near achieving. The Wii version of Facebreaker will be releasing next month and apparently has shown some promise but I’ve been soured on the concept of the game now. I like the thought of the more old school Punch-Out experience.
  • For those who don’t buy NBA Live 09 new the purchase of the Live 365 service is apparently supposed to be $10. PSN has listed the item incorrectly for $20 and that should be corrected in the near future. Even at $10 I’m not sure how many people would spring for it as an add-on, but there is no doubt it is a fantastic feature and is already paying dividends that will increase greatly once the season starts.
  • Site visitors/forum members Cabrillo24 and Tomba321 have created custom slider sets for NBA Live 09. You can find all the details on them and leave your feedback in the forum. The EA Locker this year allows for downloading of slider sets that have been uploaded and designated as public. For 360 users in the game’s menu go to: Xbox Live – My NBA Live 09 Content – EA Locker – Global Content – Settings. Grab from the gamertags cabrillo24 and/or DARTH KTULU.
  • I continue to get questions regarding the potential downloadable content for Madden 09 that had been discussed a while back. While there has been no definitive response one way or the other I am not expecting anything to come of it. Basically don’t hold your breath. At this point I’d just expect what was to be offered in the DLC to be included with Madden 2010.
  • The next NBA Live 09 OTP night will be Tuesday at 5pt/8et. As dictated by the poll the club team been changed to the Hornets for the time being. The next EASHL night with NHL 09 will be Thursday at 5pt/8et. If you need invites to either club leave your gamertag in the comments.