09 NBA Games Offer Something For Everyone

Posted October 15th, 2008 at 8:16 pm

Despite the constant bickering between fans of the games this has turned out to be a fantastic season of NBA offerings. Each of the three titles does some things really well while falling short in comparison in other areas. There may be some frustration that there is no “total package” as unrealistic as that may be. Though unlike the NFL and MLB there are multiple choices available on each console which allows for consumers to choose the game that suits them best.

NBA 2K9: Continues its gameplay excellence, has the most natural and varied animations, and offers the best presentation. Fans of the series will appreciate the familiarity and while it remains the least accessible it is often found to be the most rewarding gameplay experience.

NBA Live 09: Has the best features including the revolutionary Live 365 and the NBA Academy, the best online play both in terms of performance and modes, and has far and away the best commentary. It is now considered to be comparable in quality to the 2K series.

NBA 09 The Inside: While I haven’t been able to delve into this game yet it does have the story mode which has been the major selling point. The gameplay may not be up to par with the other two but having a unique way to play can have definite appeal. While it is unlikely to be the first choice for an NBA game having that mode makes The Inside a potential compliment to the other two.

As I’ve mentioned in the comments on numerous occasions I find it interesting that here we have a sport that has competition since there is no exclusive license involved. Supposedly everyone believes this to be a positive yet the level of vitrol between the communities is remarkable. Fans of one particular game want that game to be seen as the only respectable choice subsequently putting down the other games and anyone who likes them. Ultimately everyone should be playing whatever they enjoy regardless and appreciate that competition is truly paying dividends with the NBA titles.