NBA 2K9 Online Play Update

Posted October 16th, 2008 at 6:13 pm

2K Sports stated earlier today that they have implemented improvements that should be reflected in online performance. Reaction so far is mixed with some reports of increased success in playing standard head-to-head games but others still experiencing freezing issues or difficulty starting a game. The 5 on 5 Team-Up mode is not expected to see significant improvement due to whatever was done as the severe lag and disconnects are still prevalent.

Other topics of concern such as the wrong rosters being used, no flex scheduling in leagues, and the removal of the 2K cam have yet to be addressed. The removal of ranked lobbies was done on purpose and they won’t be returning. There is apparently a patch in the works but the details of what will be included is not being communicated at this time. Given that they are still working on it that would put it at least 2-3 weeks out from being realized.

This evening I was unable to start a standard head-to-head game as I continually received the “refer to FAQ” message. My attempt at a Team-Up game went through the same “refer to FAQ” for the first few attempts before getting into one that had unplayable lag. Pretty disappointing that it has been well over a week and the online play for 2K9 is still in shambles. But again while 2K did not bother to fix the terrible online experiences with MLB 2K8 and their other recent releases it does appear that they are working diligently to do so with NBA 2K9. There have more incentive than ever to do so with the promotion of The Other Season (reverse fantasy league), Team 2K, and the advertising of the Team-Up mode.

How is everyone faring in attempts at online games? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Also continue on for a look at the current typical Team-Up experience.